The "1st Big Easy Guest Chef"  Thanks "CB Martin" from

Hi and thanks for looking at my page, My name is Tommy or TMB as I call myself on The Big Easy forum. CB Martin named me The 1st Big Easy Guest Chef . I have cooked a lot of things in TBE (The Big Easy) over the past year, but what got me to the status of 1st guest chef  was the bread I cooked or baked in TBE. CB Martin or Char-Broil never thought of baking in TBE.   My background in cooking anything, anywhere style made this the perfect cooker for me. I have cooked ham, rib's, steaks, roast, bread, veggie's and more in TBE. You will see me posted all over TBE forum helping and learning from others all over. Most folks on the forum are just your everyday run of the mill grillers but there are a few pro's. Join us there for fun and recipes and if you have something to say or need help you can always find me here.
 TMB                         P.S     You can reach me at    just ref  "TBE"