Wild Turkey in TBE

Here is a simple brine for use in TBE .   8oz of bourbon     1/2 cup sea salt     1/3 cup sugar     1 1/2 qt's of water

Let bird sit in brine for 12 hrs, wash off and cook in TBE till 170 temp is reached!  So good!        

BBQ Chicken Wrap

Here is a easy one and very good. Cut fresh chicken breast into cubes, rub them in BBQ rub and wrap in bacon.   Place in the Big Easy and cook for about 45 to 55 min's. Their a great way to start any meal or make a great meal on their own.  

Boneless Wings in Bacon

Cut chicken breast into cubes, just like BBQ Chick Wraps.  Wrap cubes in bacon, grill or use the Big Easy.  Remove and cover them in your favorite wing sauce. There great and no bones! 

Chicken Wing Meatballs

2 lbs ground chicken, 1 3/4 cup bread crumbs, 3/4 cup wing sauce. Mix all together and form into balls. Cook 45 min's in TBE, remove and cover with more wing sauce. The 3 on the left were covered with thin sliced ham before they were cooked. Very good and quick. 

Chicken Wing Meatballs. Top ones plain and lower wrapped in thin sliced ham.


Competition Chicken


This is the recipe I will use is my Big Easy's 1st BBQ competition.  Recipe and results will be posted after competition.  Wish me luck!
Competition Cancelled!!!

Pecan chicken   "made sizzle on the grill"

Here is pecan chicken breast. I'll post recipe later

Spiced Rum Chicken

Here is a Spiced Rum Chicken I came up with while looking to do something different.

Chicken Ka Bobs with my new Char-Broil holder