Deer in the Big Easy

Venison in The Big Easy.

I did this great shoulder roast in my Big Easy .         I used a brine for the 15 hrs soak     

2 cups water (warm to mix )  
1/2 cup salt  1/3 cup brownsugar   
1/3 cup reg sugar   
3 tbsp corn oil   
1 cup apple cider  vineger     
8 oz bourbon (any kind)

Soak for 12 to 15 hrs. Wwash outside then place bacon or hog jowl on top. Place in TBE and cook till 170 internal temp. Don't worry about the hog jawl falling off, since hog jowl is almost all fat, let it cook. When 170 is reached,  remove and let rest for 30 min's before slicing.