These are the ribs that caught the eye of CB Martin of

1 slab baby back ribs, 2 cups of bbq rub (any style),  use a basket to hold them.   Place in TBE and cook for 40 min's.  Remove and rub'm  with your favorite rub then wrap with foil and place back in TBE for about 1.0 hr.   Remove  and let rest for 20 min's.   Their ready to eat! 

Here is the basket I use for ribs, steaks, pork loin, chops and a lot more!

Your basket can not be more than 11 1/2 in wide or it wont fit into TBE!!

Pre-Sliced Ham in The Big Easy

1 spiral cut ham, 1 1/2 cups Mt Dew, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tsp sea salt   and   1 tsp crushed cloves.  Mix well over low heat.     Cook ham till warmed up to 130 internal temp.  Pour glaze on top and cook for another 5 to 10 min's. 

Bourbon Ribs

Cook for 30 to 40 min's unseasoned.  Remove and brush them with bourbon and dry rub.   Wrap and cook for another 50 min's.

Take your favorite rub and mix with bourbon to create a great rub/glaze.

Smoked Pork Roast in TBE.  Yes, Smoked pork

By using a Smoke Pistol I can cold smoke in TBE,  This one was a roast with BBQ seasoning on top, cold smoked for 1.5 hrs then I cooked it in the TBE. It was great. It's not true BBQ low and slow but well worth the effort!!   

Here is the Smoke Pistol and TBE working together

It took some time to figure out but once I did I put my idea to good uses

Pig Rolls---  Featured on Sizzle on the Grill!  


They are very simple.      Take a deli style ham slice, add McCormick's BBQ rub to it on both sides, roll long ways, wrap in bacon, slice and put in TBE or a smoker. 

Sauce        2 cups water,  1/3 cup brown sugar,   1/3 cup reg sugar,  2 tbs McCormicks BBQ seasoning and  2 tbs liquid smoke.  Brush on rolls the last 30 min's and enjoy!  

Cold Smoked Bologna Log in TBE

I used my Smoke Pistol to cold smoke for 3 hrs then turned TBE on to finish

Smoked Porkchops and Fatty on the Smoker!


Bourbon glazed pork loin  cooked in the "Heatwave"

Very simple to make.  Use the sear and hold method 1st then remove the loin to a pan and let it sit in the pan till 160 temp is reached. Then put loin back on the grill and turn the heat up to sear. Coat loin with bourbon glaze and don't let it burn!